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Beyond The Stars



The human kind has always been goal oriented. Our actions, thoughts and ideologies are nothing but an investment to fulfill our goals. The student wants a perfect score, the employee is working hard for a promotion and many more grind aimlessly for crumb. 
We are often biased between the idea of realistic goals and the ‘impossible’ goals. They say “shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars". Are you satisfied there, among the stars?
Here is a secret: Your potential and your dedication to attain the goal is way beyond the stars. 
We, as humans, tend to grow each and every day and become a newer version of ourself and with that the purpose of our actions have become more specific. 
The question is, Are you ready to go beyond the stars?


Vishakha Fulsunge


MotoVlogger, Digital Content Creator

Vishakha Fulsunge(The RiderGirl) is India's 1st Female Motovlogger who holds 3 INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS known for her incredible Solo Travel vlogs on her YouTube channel. Slamming the traditional stereotypes of the world of MotoVlogging. A Solo Female Rider mapping the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent. RiderGirl is also the first female rider to cross the Bay of Bengal and ride across Andaman Islands.

Vishakha has created milestones like riding from Mumbai to Visakhapatnam (1800 km) at a single stretch or being the first and fastest female biker to complete Narmada Parikrama. RiderGirl’s first bike was KTM Duke and named it Kashish. She was awarded as the fastest girl in the KTM Circuit Race at Vroom 2016. Vishakha’s channel name on Youtube is RiderGirl Vishakha. Vishakha ‘s YouTube channel has more than 350 videos and more than 10.3 lakh subscribers. She is one of the bike lovers who share their concept of riding with the world. Vishakha has given a new dimension of solo ride by a girl.


Chief Data Analytics at True Digital and Managing Director of True Analytics

Chief Data Analytics & AI Officer in True Digital, the digital arm of Thailand's leading telecom company. Managing Director of True Analytics, a corporate venture that builds data-driven enterprise solutions in advertising, credit risk, and customer intelligence. Ten years of experience across telecom and digital media, combining business and technical knowledge to uncover critical data-driven opportunities. Managed large-scale data transformations across companies of a conglomerate in Southeast Asia. Gifted in creating from scratch and coaching cross-functional teams of data experts, product specialists, and digital professionals. Entrepreneurial hustle in bootstrapping new markets and strong know-how in managing B2B sales for data-driven products. Creative, resourceful, and versatile ex-McKinsey consultant. Business Angel, Chicago Booth MBA, and certified AI professional.

Pedro Uria Recio _edited.jpg
Nidhi Choudhary


District Collector Mumbai Suburban Region

IAS Nidhi Choudhary is the District Collector of Mumbai Suburban. She is a 2012 batch IAS officer of the Maharashtra state cadre. She is an inspirational personality and is known for her honesty and ethics. She always had missionary enthusiasm for social service. She is known for her work for honesty and ethics. Nidhi worked with RBI as an officer before appearing for the UPSC examination. Her sister’s achievement in the Civil Service Examination was a watershed moment which inspired her to become an IAS officer. Her career profile as an IAS officer is a striking example of how a competent officer can earn the reputation of being upright with only a handful years of experience behind. As Assistant Collector at Pen (Raigad), Chief Executive Officer, ZP Palghar, Joint Commissioner MCGM, Deputy Secretary (Water & Sanitation) and District Collector Raigad she has left a stamp of her iron-fisted administration. She is full of passion and believes in the words- ‘‘There is no shortcut in life to success’’.


Co-founder of Mingout, Content Creator and Storyteller

Have you ever thought who is behind the dazzling doodles that make you lose track of time? One of India's top storytellers, comic strip creator, and doodler is Harshveer Jain. He is never without a tale to tell or a message to impart. His primary goal is to use his tales to inspire people to be better and more compassionate.

With 430k Followers on his social media, Harshveer has never failed to entertain the internet with his quirky content.

@storysellercomics on Instagram is where one can catch up with his daily dose of humorous panels with a side of hard hitting reality checks without any sugar coating. He is an IIM Calcutta and IIT Bombay alumnus and received a perfect score on the CAT 2014 exam. In addition to this, he is a co-founder of Mingout, a community and lifestyle platform.

Harshveer Jain
Aakarsh Sethi.jpeg



Aakarsh Sethi, is currently the Senior Product Manager at INFINX Healthcare, Austin. He has five years of experience in a fast-paced start-up environment building V1 technology solutions for healthcare providers focused on automation, integration, machine learning, and enterprise analytics. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2017 and Master of Science in Technology Management in 2021 at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign. He was also the Founder as well as president of the product management club at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign. As INFINX healthcare’s mission is to automate and make patient access and revenue cycle workflows more intelligent where possible using the advancement of AI, Akarsh has had speaking engagements with the Healthcare Information and Management System Society about ‘How clinical NLP delivers on the promise of AI in healthcare. He has also recorded The Change Healthcare Podcast where he spoke about ‘Creating New Healthcare Solutions: Solving the Build v/s Buy Conundrum. In his engagement with the National Association of Healthcare Access Management, he highlighted “Three A’s that will define the future of patient access – automation, AI and analytics.

Dev Gadhvi

Author and Passionpreneur Mentor

Author of books – “80%Mindset 20%Skills” & “6 Sundays A Week Life”

India’s First Passionpreneur Mentor

JoshTalks Speaker

Dev was born in a humble family. His father was a truck driver and mother a housewife. He struggled to speak proper English and even found great difficulties to get a job in the beginning. He worked in a job for 16 years in various sales roles. He suffered from mediocrity and lost more than a decade to mediocrity. He Felt the pain of losing those precious years where he was living without passion, & purpose. He was able to learn and transform his mindset and his life with help of mentors and self help books. Now, he is on the mission to transform 1 billion lives. He has built a successful mentoring business helping thousands of people overcome mediocrity by empowering them to find passion and build business around it.

Dev Gadhvi.jpg

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