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 "There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect."

"Isn’t the mind a very beautiful construct?

Your mind palace as we describe it is what defines you.

Let’s take a peek inside it.

What do you have in yours?
A living room full of memories and nostalgia, a ceiling intertwined with emotions, a playground full of hard work and determination, a basement with your deepest fears, a garden with flowers of ideas ready to bloom, or a terrace of hopes and dreams.

Whatever it may be, it is what makes you unique and can help you conquer the world.

You tap into your mind palace and it can show you your entire life - the past, present, and even the future in the sense of your next steps. With the decisions you take, you choose the way you stock up your mind palace and ultimately choose to invest in yourself."

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In a world where people look for short cuts for success instead of opportunities, Amit Khanna has proved his mettle by his sheer hard work. The journey of being just an artist to a dignified persona in the field of not only photography but also acting, writing, and directing has not been easy for Amit.

Amit Khanna has added his signature touch in the field of fashion technology and film industry. His remarkable piece of art has earned him the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke excellence award in the field of fashion photography. He has defined extraordinary benchmarks at national and international levels for everyone in his field. He is a fantastic torchbearer for budding photographers and artists.

His varied interests and talents are what make his mind palace very intriguing. With persistence, out of the box, and thought-provoking ideas, we are in awe of Amit Khanna’s mind palace.




An Indian boy with an American dream is what we would like to define Vivek Desai’s childhood. Spending the days of his youth in the United States of America, Vivek was always intrigued by the modern magic that was practiced there. He learnt everything he knows about magic by himself with the help of books. With the minimal resources that he could avail for himself, he grasped, learned, and stepped closer to his passion.

As this young boy came to India, the city of Pune embraced him with warmth. He started practicing his tricks for small groups of people. It was these free gigs that made him aware about the perception of Indians towards magic. The common belief that masses held were that of old tradition magic performed by a man wearing long colorful robes pulling our pigeons from his hat. The concept of magic relating to cardistry, mentalism, and illusions were still far and aloof from the majority.

Vivek Desai has not only introduced relatively new concepts in India but also managed to charm his audience as his fame grows. His workshops and YouTube channel have also helped in reaching a dais from where he not only reaches out to the audience but also connects and influences them. It is this quality that we are glad to celebrate.




Doctor | Lifestyle & Weight Management Expert

In a world where cardio and intense workout seems the only way to remain fit, Dr. Siddhant has enlightened all about living simple and opting for a healthy lifestyle is the best way to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. A medical doctor, ketogenic/LCHF Diet specialist, youngest celebrity nutritionist, Certified Trainer, lifestyle and weight management expert is all that makes Dr. Siddhanth the best in business. 

Doctor by profession but a true guide and friend by heart, his quality to effortlessly gain trust and return back 10x is noteworthy. He aims to decode diets and put an end to formulaic fitness. His co-founded brand, Food Darzee, has the perfect amalgamation of unique perspectives as well as medical legitimacy, which has become the driving force behind the brand's success story.

Dr. Bharagava is a commitment-oriented person whose enthusiasm towards motivating and inspiring budding doctors is highly appreciable. He doesn't only inspire us in the field of medical and fitness but also this dedication and spirit toward his work.


Indian Powerlifter

Success wasn’t ever overnight it was a journey for Sehej Maini, a 23-year-old Indian athlete, currently competing in the sport of Powerlifting. After 3 years of utmost dedication, practice and a lot of patience not only did she represent the country in Powerlifting World Championships, 2019 but also procured a bronze medal for the country.

Sehej’s achievements are the product of her persistence and motivation which helps her grow every day. She has trained her mind to be dedicated and motivated which aims towards success to reach the top and at the end fuel again by the payoff of the hard work.

As she immerses herself to devise new goals, new strategies, and new techniques, her interest has now also tilted towards the sport of Weightlifting. She aims towards raising the bar high again by representing the country in the Olympics. She is a source of inspiration and pride for us all.





A fearless, young and talented woman is always a beacon of inspiration for everyone she touches. Yogita Bihani is not different from this. Yogita started her career as an engineering graduate. She worked in the field of marketing for various companies until she finally found her passion for acting.

Yogita started her acting career with a short promo in Salman Khan starring show “Dus ka Dum”. She was noticed by eminent production houses from her small role and eventually got offered the role of the main lead in a serial produced by Ekta Kapoor along with many advertorial features. She has also been a part of pageants and has some very impressive titles on her table. 

As she pursues her passion, she inspires in everyone to dauntlessly follow what they love to do. She inspires art and beauty. Coming from a Rajasthani family, the journey was never easy for her. But she materialized on everything she ever dreamed of. She has accomplished the feat that every new-comer in the film industry only dreams of. Her vigor is never damped and she remains to constantly be in the pursuit of success.



Rapper & Songwriter

Not many people are gifted enough to bring words to life, Vivek Arora has that special talent. Vivek Arora is a rapper more widely known by his stage name Karma. The Dehradun boy had had a flair of writing poems and rhymes since his school days. He was studying B. Sc. Until he decided to pursue his passion.

He performed for live audiences and had a youtube channel where he would rap. He was majorly inspired by Eminem. His pursuit of passion was accompanied by struggle. Initially, he struggled to work his way around money. Many times in the initial days, his videos would not get enough views. But he never gave up.

He was discovered by the rapper Raftaar in Dehradun. It wasn’t long after that that he became a sensation. The sweet poetries of his childhood have evolved into the fire that burns in Karma’s rap fueled by his passion and an incredible story of his struggle.


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