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Thakur College of Engineering & Technology, Kandivali

  Symphony of Life      

Music has always been the basis of mankind and our lives, driven by its rhythm. The notion of a perfect life is an illusion, for contrast is what shapes it, similar to how the white and black keys on a piano represent the moments of the bright highs and the dark lows, which when played together, compose the masterpiece called Life. Every experience in life adds another note to our personal symphony, tuning it into a melodious composition .


The sign of harmony, Yin and Yang, serves as a reminder that life is a balancing act and is most meaningful when we learn to accept its dualities, including its ups & downs and ebbs & flows. When the magical notes of our life combine, they create a beautiful symphony that reflects the sharps and flats of existence -  _The Symphony of Life._ So, are you in tune with the symphony that life is humming?  


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